Monday, June 6, 2016

King Jack (2016)

An upcoming-of-age story with heart touching. King jack is a great movie with Drama, Action & Adventure. This is the true story of teenage life. Now 2nd part also released soon. King jack a story of random 15 year old boy. He gets more problems than he can handle according to his age. The role of king jack played by (Charlie Plummer) totally breathtaking. 15 year old jack who lives with his older brother. His brother and jack is not in a good relationship with each other. Jack got so many problems with his brother. Jack’s mother is so busy with her work all the time, and does not give attention to her son. That’s why jack is not happy with the behavior of her mother. Jack’s life experiences are more according to his age. 

King jack is a beautiful script which presents testimony, adolescent sexuality, and shocking testimony with teen ragging. As Felix Thompson has written a great story for teenagers or adults. In the story girls are bully at Jack, he has no girlfriend at first he has a crush with his neighborhood girl and want to go summer school again. So when his cousin sister Cory Nichols (runty) comes to stay a weekend jack want one thing is looking after him.  But otherwise School has borne and not enough for him. But nobody cares about what jacks want.  Day by day jack bully a group of older boys. He is frustrated with that boy. Things go opposite to him and not better for him. Soon his younger cousin Ben, whom he has to take care him for some days. When you say things can really opposite to them.  

The director Felix Thompson is creating a film Drama, Action & Adventure with much of principles and independence. In the movie king jack is tough and all proposal of age about friendship and finding happiness in hard or even unhappy situations. 

Great role played by all the starring like Charlie Plummer, Cory Nichols, Christian Madsen, Daniel Flaherty, Erin Davie, Chloe Levine. Produce by-Dominic Buchanan, Gabrielle Nadig, Music by-Bryan Senti. This story is not new story ever. But it does not reduce its story, reality, suspense, romance and drama also. It is also shown the actual feeling coming from the executions, stars and the co-stars and also describe the difficulties, problems in characters life and suddenly the finding a way to come out the problems. The movie ready for release at 10th of June 2016. You can free download this movie at Watch trailer before download also.

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